Coffee Shop

App Features for Customers

  • Place Mobile Pickup Orders in Minutes
  • Place Delivery Orders in Minutes
  • In App Payment and Pay Later Options
  • Real-Time Order Status Updates
  • Call and Email Store from the App

Features for Shop Owners

  • Manage Menu , Images, Price etc..
  • Manage Orders from Customers
  • Get Customized Sales reports
  • Get Customer Contact info
  • Get Enquiries and Questions in real-time
  • Send Promotions and Offers to Customers anytime

Your Benefits

  • Get more Business and Boost Profits
  • Cut the Time Customer spends at the Store
  • Stand Out of your Competition
  • Build and Grow your Brand image
  • Stay Connected with Customers all the time
  • Direct Marketing Channel, Cut Ad Budgets
  • Get Customers Anywhere from the World
  • Eliminate 3rd party Commissions and Fees
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Get Quick Customer Feedback

Our Service Highlights

  • We Launch Your App in iOS and Android platforms
  • We Provide Affordable and Flexible Pricing
  • We Launch Your App in 3 weeks (most cases)
  • We Provide Dedicated Remote 24X7 Support
  • No Technical Knowledge Required for Owners
  • Our Apps are Simple, Professional and Intuitive
  • Simple Admin application to Manage your App
  • We Provide Full Inventory Upload Support
  • We Provide Dedicated Team on Request

Coffee Shop

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